Derawan Adventure – Day 2 (Talisayan, Labuan Cermin, Sangalaki)

derawan 7

Good morning! I was beyond excited to start this Derawan day 2 adventure, even though I had to wake up at 04.00 am today. Do you know why?  Because I was going to search for whale shark, the biggest (but the kindest) shark on earth! The whale shark usually appeared from 4-9 am, searching for food. So waking up early in the morning was a requirement if I didn’t want to miss the chance, furthermore the whale shark point in Talisayan was quite far from the place I stayed in.

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Derawan Adventure – Day 1(Exploring the island)

Derawan 1

A long awaited holiday in Derawan finally came. I was so excited for this trip because I believed that I would face a lot of new adventures. On this trip, I will visited a lot of islands, but I stayed in Derawan and just did the island hopping from there. Ok, no more talking, let’s pack the bag and begin this 4D3N island life!

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Cesky Krumlov, a fairy tale town in Southern Czech

Cesky Krumlov 5

I have been intrigued to visit a small town whenever I travel just because simply I find enjoyment and refreshment in visiting less crowded area. I found Cesky Krumlov randomly through a blog post (of which I forgot the post title), and instantly fell in love only by seeing the photos on the blog. The city simply looked like a fairy tale town I used to imagine when I was being read some fairy tale stories back then as a kid. I promised myself to visit Cesky Krumlov if I had the chance to visit Czech. So now the time had come, and here I wanted to tell you my story about this hidden gem of the Czech Republic.

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What To Eat in Malacca

Malacca 18

Malacca is surely a heaven for foodies. From the delicious local cuisine from which the recipe has been handed down from generation to generation to the mouth watering street food, Malacca has them all. I went there on an impromptu weekend trip just to bloat myself with food and of course, happiness. So here I am, sharing about some food that you have to eat in Malacca.

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