Derawan Adventure – Day 1(Exploring the island)

Derawan 1

A long awaited holiday in Derawan finally came. I was so excited for this trip because I believed that I would face a lot of new adventures. On this trip, I will visited a lot of islands, but I stayed in Derawan and just did the island hopping from there. Ok, no more talking, let’s pack the bag and begin this 4D3N island life!

I took the route Jakarta – Balikpapan – Berau by plane. After arriving in Berau, I had to do a 2.5 hour road trip and continued with half an hour trip by boat to reach Derawan. Soon after I reached the water villa, my home for the next 4 days, I was mesmerised by the beautiful view and how clear the water was around my cottage. Clear pristine water, blue sky, and cotton candy clouds… I couldn’t ask for more.

Derawan 2

Derawan 3

Let’s explore the island

The first activity I did was exploring the island by bike. I was quite nervous to ride a bike since the last time I rode was 10 years ago. Haha. Fortunately, I still remembered how to do it and at the end of the cycling trip I was super happy and really enjoyed my ride (though I bumped into some pavements several times and got some bruises here and there due to my poor stability).

Derawan 4

The cycling trip ended in a dock where people could enjoy the sunset. From the dock, I could spot easily a lot of small fishes swimming around. You can imagine how clear the water was, right?

Derawan 5

Derawan 6

The day was closed by cycling back to the local restaurant to have dinner. After finishing the meal I went back to the water villa to rest. The real adventure started on the second day of this trip.



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  1. Sienna July 13, 2016

    Your photography is stunning!


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